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Fun Is A Four Letter Word

by New Zero God

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Michael Hitchens
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Michael Hitchens Simply one of the most excellent songs I've heard in years, a great gothic rock track Favorite track: Kiss the Witch.
Bang Bang 03:32
Lyrics - BANG BANG Don't get me started It happened all so quick Police were walking Down the street. A mob of angry people shout, I said, "What is this all about?" And everything would change In a heartbeat. When... Bang Bang I saw a poor man falling Bang Bang A baby started cryin' Bang Bang I saw a woman fallin' A baby started cryin' In New York some months before The stock market was in heat And big timers made Money out of it... They bought all shares Money can buy, The price of food went sky-high So a lot of people Are gonna die... New Zero God "Fun is a Four Letter Word" (©2010)
Lyrics - PAIN CALLED PLEASURE Is it pain or pleasure? What you need to get ya? It's a pain called pleasure Make sure now, It's your nature. You went so far Without innocence. You went so far That it makes no sense. New Zero God "Fun is a Four Letter Word" (©2010)
Lyrics - KISS THE WITCH Tonight, While all the stars Shine brightly, I walk alone again, In the forest of life. I left, long behind the city To find the one i was told That will keep me alive. She She is someone special. That will break your spells And set me free. She She will take me away from you And deep into the woods, Now i see her light. I don’t think i worry Honey, i am not sorry ’cause I kiss the witch I really had enough Of our broken dreams King of a spoiled queen... Well, enough of that. This witch i’ve been told Has a magic touch And looks like you too much As she opens the door. New Zero God "Fun Is A Four Letter Word" (©2010)
Dead Inside 06:48
Lyrics - DEAD INSIDE Sometimes our smiling faces Hide our deepest fears. As shadows leave no traces All feelings disappear. Can't find the Garden of Eden Cursed on a desert land Where Judas wants to kiss us But nobody will miss us... Each time feels like the last time But then it starts again. More lonely than I've ever been But this time, not alone. Somebody locked us out now. We can't get through the gates Sacrificed outside the Garden To a world of hate... And it's becoming stronger Stronger and stronger Until we are all Dead Inside. New Zero God "Fun is a Four Letter Word" (©2010)
Lyrics - LAP OF THE UNIVERSE A million stars Outside your window A thousand light years Away from home. The Milky Way looks Kinda strange now But you've already found... You're on the lap Of the Universe. You wanna know The biggest secret Answer the questions In your mind. Don't look around ya The answer is deep inside ya But you've already stopped... You're on the lap Of the Universe. New Zero God "Fun is a Four Letter Word" (©2010)
Lyrics - FUN IS A FOUR LETTER WORD Put your arms around me Let's play that silly game The one that makes you blush Again and again. Let me sit beside you Got rubbers in the truck Baby, when you smile You're cool as fuck. Fun is a Four Letter Word. Come gamble with my slot machine Three cherries in a row Do us both a favour And let's blow. Gimme an "F", Gimme a "U" I'll give you an "N" Cause you're too cute Wrap your legs around my back I'm cool as fuck. New Zero God "Fun is a Four Letter Word" (©2010)
Eon 02:25
Lyrics - EON Eon The time is passing And never returning One eon old Eon Ten eons old... This gentle giant's name Is eon And he lives forever His game is called eternity How small and insecure Are men In eon's game Like grains of sand On a cosmic beach Eon The time is passing And never returning One eon old Eon Ten eons old... New Zero God "Fun is a Four Letter Word" (©2010)
Lyrics - STRANGEST OF FRUITS Wild beast city Boiler of souls We challenge you tonight. Garden of evil Mother of all whores You melt into the night. We gave you blood You gave back nothing But you guided us To the strangest of fruits. We found ourselves Dried out of feelings By the bittersweet taste Of the strangest of fruits Called life. Each star tonight Has a friend's name Of friends that were lost In your numerous paths. New Zero God "Fun is a Four Letter Word" (©2010)
Winners 05:18
Lyrics - WINNERS Baby, You're not alone tonight If living means to fight Stand proud, you'll be alright But remember Remember what it feels When you're on your knees When you say... "Please Stop Hurting Me" Oh Honey Honey don't you know? That life is just a show And who's the first to go? Remember Remember life's a game Where the winner's all alone But this winner feels no pain. Fight (Life is but a dream) Winners New Zero God "Fun is a Four Letter Word" (©2010)
Lyrics - THE LOVE HATESONG You speak - She cries She speaks - You die But not enough balls To say goodbye? Well, this song's for you. You're wrong - She's right She's cool - You're tight Can't tell you why, But it's gonna be a good fight Tonight So this one's for you. When you're down And you think you blew it Just stand up and do it The love hatesong. It's not that great But it's better than nothing So I'm giving it to ya The love hatesong. New Zero God "Fun is a Four Letter Word" (©2010)
Spider Jack 03:08
Lyrics - SPIDER JACK What goes up - must come down When Spider Jack comes to town No time to fool ‘round When Spider Jack comes to your town If you don't know which way to go (Ask Jack) Ask Jack to help you. If someone gives you a hard time (Call Jack) Jack can protect you. But if Jack says "you gotta jump" Be sure to ask him "how high" Cause you don't wanna make him mad, And see the fury in his eye. He carries the Bible, His Word and his truth He carries a six-gun Under his coat Spider Jack was dressed in Black He could slit your throat, just like that It didn’t matter he carried a gun He got shot in the back And we got a new Spider Jack Who carries the Bible, His Word and his truth He carries a six-gun Under his coat New Zero God "Fun is a Four Letter Word" (©2010)
Nightshift 03:35
Lyrics - NIGHTSHIFT Whenever I Spoke Out My Feelings I Never Knew What I Was Dealing With Backstabbed Laughed At Ruined When I Could Simply Say Fuck You I'm On A Nightshift... New Zero God "Fun is a Four Letter Word" (©2010)


released February 8, 2010

all music: New Zero God
all words: Mike Pougounas
engineered by Alex Bolpasis @ Artracks (Athens).
mastered by George Priniotakis
produced by Mike Pougounas

Mike Pougounas> vox, keyboards on [tk12] tambourine on [tk 03]
E-Raptor> all guitars
B-Abyss> bass b.vox on [tk02], military snare on [tk 09]
Sidheog> all drums, loops on [tk 12]


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New Zero God Athens, Greece

Formed In March 2006 by x-Flowers Of Romance singer, Mike Pougounas, New Zero God is a band that combines goth, dark wave, and post punk genres to make a sound that is uniquely their own.

MIKE POUGOUNAS [Vocals, Keyboards],
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